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this journal is:
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meaning I'll lock whatever I feel like locking.
tell me something about you before adding me :) I'll gladly reply!

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If looking for fics, go to my fic dump
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downright obsessed with this boy band called B1A4. Just thought everyone should know. :"D
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I had never said this, but "My Boy" has got to be the best ballad Secret's ever done. Really, their voices are really pretty (tho, Hyosung, baby, I love you, but you're not made for ballads OTL), and the melody is really... I like it. And the lyrics are so heartbreaking, too. ;___; 

I am on PMS, don't mind me. I get like this. 

Anyway, I've been lazy all day, have read fic, seen lots of Bones' episodes (started with season 4 already!) and eaten a lot (screw the diet, really). Now I am really truly deeply trying to be productive because I have a Literature midterm on Wednesday, and it's 35% of my final grading, so. And I'm still nowhere near halfway done with Crime & Punishment. Dostoievski, why, I demand, why are you so dense and... aslkdj. 

Also, I am having a very hard time finishing this Khunyoung AU fic I've been working ever since January. So I'm gonna go stab myself with a fork or something equally gross so I can stop writing poop and start writing decently again.


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